KULESHA, Gary, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Music, University of Toronto

Member of the Graduate Faculty, Faculty of Music, University of Toronto



Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto)

1978, Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (ARCT) in Composition

1973, Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (ARCT) in Performance Piano

Trinity College of London

1978, Fellow of Trinity College of London (F.T.C.L.) in Composition 

1976, Licentiate in Music of Trinity College of London (L.Mus.T.C.L.) in Theory and Composition

1972, Associate in Music of Trinity College of London (A.Mus.T.C.L.) in Theory and Pedagogy



2000-2010 Senior Lecturer, University of Toronto

1991-2000 Sessional Teacher, University of Toronto

1996 Stanley Knowles Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Brandon

1994-2006 Sessional Teacher, Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto

1990-1993 Sessional Teacher, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo



2009, Finalist, Premier's Award for Excellence in the Arts

2002, National Arts Centre Orchestra Composers’ Award ($75,000, 4-year tenure)

2001, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, First Prize, Most Outstanding Canadian Orchestral Composition of the 20th Century

2000, Juno nomination, Best Classical Composition on Disc, “The Book of Mirrors”

1990, Juno nomination, Best Classical Composition on Disc, "Third Chamber Concerto"

1986, selected to represent Canada at the International Rostrum of   Composers in Paris with composition "Angels" for Marimba and Tape

1986, Performance Rights Organization of Canada Composer of the Year

1975, RCM Scholarship in Composition

1974, BMI Composition Scholarship

1986, 1987, Canada Council Travel Grants

1980-1985, 3 Ontario Arts Council Artists in the Schools projects 

1983, Canadian League of Composers’ Composer in the Classroom grant

1981, 1982, Canada Council Short Term Grants for study in England and New York       

several Canadian Music Centre Composer in the Classroom projects 

Ontario Arts Council commissioning grants      

CBC commissioning grants    

Canada Council commissioning grants

Canada Council Composer in Residence grants (3)       

Laidlaw Foundation Commissioning Grants




2010, June, National Arts Centre Young Composers' Programme

2009, June, National Arts Centre Young Composers' Programme

2008, June, National Arts Centre Young Composers' Programme

2008, Summer, Festival of the Sound

2007, Summer, National Academy Orchestra

2007, June, National Arts Centre Young Composers' Programme

2006, June, National Arts Centre Young Composers' Programme

2005, Winter, Banff Centre

2004, Composer and Conductor, Banff Summer Festival

2002-2006, Award Composer, National Arts Centre Orchestra

2000, Composer in Residence, Banff Summer Festival


Related Professional Activities

2003-6, designed and participated in “Music That Speaks To You” 

These are unique adult education concert presentations of familiar works accompanied by lecture-demonstrations.  Each concert entails extensive research.  The first half consists of lecture and performance of related music, and the main work is performed on the second half.  Three works have been presented so far at Jane Mallett Theatre, with the Gryphon Trio: the Ravel Piano Trio, the Chopin Piano Trio, and the Brahms Trio in C Major.

2003- 2009, designed and directed the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s Young Composers’ Programme; participated as performer.

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra has had a long association with young composers.  Activities include readings, discussions, and commissions.  Two Affiliate Composers were appointed on three separate occasions.

2003-2006, designed and directed first National Arts Centre Orchestra Young Composers’ Programme

This is a workshop event, with 5 young composers working with a dedicated new music ensemble to create and present new works.  My activities include teaching and conducting.



Etobicoke Board of Education, Barry Gosse Composition Competition, yearly 

Bosendorfer Piano Competition, 2008

Toronto Symphony Orchestra Piano Competition, 2006



Completed: 9 Mus. M., 6 Mus. Doc. 

In progress: 7 DMA, 3 Mus.M.

NAME OF STUDENTS supervised within the past seven years, title of thesis of project, year of first registration and year of completion:

supervised through to thesis and defense:

Jackie Shin, Mus.M., “While Walking on the Cloud” for Orchestra, 1999, 2001

Katarina Curcin, Mus. M., “Princess for a Day”, ballet for Orchestra, 1999, 2001

Nicholas Akers, Mus. M., Cello Concerto, 2002, 2004

Andrew Staniland, Mus. M., “Two Pieces for Orchestra”, 2000, 2002

Kyle Lamont, Mus. M., Concerto for Viola and Orchestra, 2001, 2003

Chad Martin, Mus. Doc., “Cocytus” for Orchestra, 2000, 2005

Scott Good, Mus. Doc., Sinfonia for Orchestra, 2001, 2005

Katarina Curcin, Mus. Doc., Double Concerto, 2001, 2006

Christopher Thornborrow, Mus.M., Orchestra work, 2007, 2008

Monica Clorey, Mus.M., (the journal), 2007, 2008

Daniel Brophy, Mus.M., Tone Poem, 2008, 2009

Christopher Pierce, DMA, Two Pieces for Orchestra, 2004, 2009

Glenn James, Mus.M., Piano Concerto, 2009

Lee Parkin, Mus.M., House Music, 2007, 2009 

Fuhong Shi, DMA, work for orchestra, 2007, 2009


supervised at some point during their studies:

Abigail Richardson, Mus. Doc., work for orchestra, 1999, 2003

Clayton Puddester, Mus. M., Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, 2003, 2005

Jackie Shin, Mus. Doc., 2002, 2006

Andrew Staniland, Mus. Doc., 2002, 2006

David Ogborn, Mus. Doc., 2002, 2006


in progress:

Lan Chee Lam, DMA, not complete, 2006, ? (supervised during calendar year 2009)

William Rowson, DMA., not complete, 2004, expected to defend Fall 2010

Kevin Lau, DMA, not complete, 2007, ?

Jordan Pal, DMA, not complete, 2007, ?

Scott Brubacher, DMA, not complete, 2007, ?

Anna Hostman, DMA, not complete, 2009, ?

Adam Scime, DMA, not complete, 2009, ?

Christopher Thornborrow, DMA, not complete, 2009, ?

Bence Kutrik, Mus.M., not complete, 2009, ?

Keunyoung Yoo, Mus.M., not complete, 2009, ?

Laura Silberberg, Mus.M., not complete, 2008, expected to complete fall 2009




two seminars, Kulesha new work and Beethoven Symphonies (2009-10)

two analysis seminars (2009)

five analysis seminars (2005-06)

Two New Works (2005)

four analysis seminars (2004-05)

Writing for Orchestra (2002)

Conducting for Composers (2001)

Orchestration (2001)

My Compositional Technique (2000)

Repertoire Examination (2000)



MUS 3100 Mus. M. Advanced Composition I (2000-2010)

MUS 3105 Mus. M. Advanced Composition II (2000-2010)

MUS 3300 Mus. Doc. Advanced Composition I (2000-2010)

MUS 3305 Mus. Doc. Advanced Composition II (2000-2010)

Masterpieces of the 20th Century, graduate course, 2001-02

20th Century Performance Practice, graduate course, 2003-2011

Research in Composition, 2007-2009

Independent Research, Afarin Mansouri (Operatic Composition), 2010